iFoodFit is a complete Grocery List, Meal Planning, Calorie Counting, and Fitness Application for the Mac.  The application keeps track of individual food items and recipes like most meal planning software, but also has the capability to save individual meal templates.  This gives the user the added convenience of ordering or selecting the weeks meals within guidelines that speed up the entire planning process.  These meal templates can be divided into courses like Entrees, Beverages, Soups, and Salads to create a menu like appearance.  Once the meals are created for each date, the two week Grocery List and Meal Plan are ready to be previewed and printed.

     The data for each item includes breakdowns of calories from Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates.  There is also complete nutrient information from the USDA Database as well as a convenient Nutrition Label generated for each food item.  Additional information like Glycemic Index and Load, and Sodium Levels can be provided and stored for those with special dietary needs.

     The new user login provides detailed calorie counting information not just for the individual but for the family.  Just enter your information and goal weight and let iFoodFit calculate how many calories you need that day to reach your goal.  iFoodFit will calculate your daily calorie goal, TDEE, BMI, BMR, and other numbers.  You can enter your daily exercises as well as your weight training regimen with the weight templates.  Journal your daily progress and vital information like blood pressure and heart rate as well as monthly measurements and photos.


A Complete Meal Planning,  Grocery List,  Calorie Counting,  and Fitness Application.